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Business Owners: Attract employees that are a match to your company’s mission and culture.

Have you hired great people only to be surprised once they come work for you, by their unanticipated work patterns and values that simply didn’t match your company culture?

You can’t afford to absorb the cost of hiring the wrong employee for the job at hand. Never mind spending the time, energy and money to train someone who isn’t as committed to the job as he/she stated in the interview.

If either of these ring true for you business, how do you expect to compete? What can you do about it?

There is a simple tool called the DISC assessment that turns your hiring process into a solid strengths and weakness analysis that prevents the problems we just described, by helping you place your new candidate into the right job. (And avoid hiring the wrong person.)

This same tool also provides empowering ways to talk about employee issues, names for particular behaviors and practical suggestions to implement so that people can turn their tendencies into strengths rather than weaknesses.

Though you’re not a large corporation, you like to think like the big guys. Unfortunately while the big guys can easily “hide” hiring, training and employee retention issues for awhile, your company is deeply affected by these issues right away simply because of your size and close working conditions of your employees.

To be sure you’re in the right place, do these scenarios fit your situation?

  • When your teams are not working at optimal levels, your entire business model suffers. In today’s ultra competitive market, you can not afford to have one element out of place that could tarnish your brand, product and / or service.
  • Because of your smaller staff size, employee morale and motivation is even more of a key factor in their productivity level. We all know how quickly a poor attitude can spread. (Like a virus) You need resources for continuously upgrading and inspiring your troops.
  • While fancy sales training may sound good, it’s just out of your company’s budget at this time. You would love to find a tool to train staff on how to use the resources they already have, their communication skills. You want them to learn how to adapt and improve their skills to create better relationships with clients and customers that ultimately results in an increase in business.

If you can relate to one or more of these situations, then I know you’re in the right place. Please read on…

Using DISC assessments in the workplace can make a difference.

The bottom line is simple. Using DISC assessments with your employees makes your job much easier. Communication challenges and difficult business situations are easily addressed when observable behaviors, both the strengths and weaknesses, are clearly analyzed on paper and in non-judgmental language.

An individual’s or team’s success can be held back by the very strengths they overuse and the weaknesses that are hidden from their own view. (We all know it can be hard to see the areas where we need improvement) The truth is that the assessment themselves actually communicate for you. DISC reports facilitate deep discussion and pro-active solutions between teams, managers and their direct reports.

Using the wrong assessments can do more harm than good.

Where many Business Owners go wrong is by choosing a low-quality DISC product (or other personality assessment) and service to address a significant business situation that has extensive costs for their company. When you get clear on what you hope to address at work by using DISC assessments, it then becomes easy to choose the better solution. One that supports your team to sustaining long-lasting improvements, is reliable, scientifically validated and facilitated by a DISC Expert and Social Psychologist trained in human behavior.

Get expert DISC guidance and on the fast track to meeting goals right away.

The first step in making the right assessment choice is to get the right information. Finding the answers could take a long time on your own, as there is so much confusion on DISC products out there, but I’ve shortened the learning curve for you. I’ve done the research and compiled all the facts you need, and cut out the superfluous into one solid stream of information in order for you to make a well-informed decision for your practice. A visit to our DISC Education Center is where you can learn how all this DISC assessment “stuff” works, before moving forward with your decision. It’s an essential first step and it’s free.

DISC can help you get results from your assessments.

Once you understand the basics of what DISC is and how it works, you’ll be ready to move to Step 2: assessing your needs to find the right report(s) for your intended results. You’ll need to speak with a DISC expert who not only knows the reports inside-and-out, but who is able to understand the specific needs of your company culture and knows how to create long-lasting change. Someone whom you can trust to have the tools, expertise and provide guidance based on real-life DISC consulting and years of professional coaching experience.

Find out if DISC fits your needs.

I invite you to contact me today to share your own situation and goals, ask key questions and talk about possible solutions using DISC products and services. I’ll give you personalized attention and an opportunity to test-drive one of our most popular reports. I promise to help you assess what products or services you’ll need and if indeed DISC is a match for your goals.

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