DISC Reports System

The DISC Report.com System™ is a step-by-step, easy to use program of getting the most out of your DISC assessments, profiles and training and demystifies how all this DISC “stuff” works.

Here’s what we provide for each DISC Report.com client.

Step 1: Educate

Visit the DISC Education Center and get your basic questions answered right away. Is DISC right for your company? We’ve created this learning area to help shorten your learning curve (skipping all the internet searching) and assist you in making the right decision for your company in no time. If you are pressed for time, contact us today and we’ll help you figure it all out.

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Step 2: Assess

Schedule a private consultation with our DISC expert Dr. Drew Rozell. In this informal discussion, Dr. Rozell will help you assess if what you hope to achieve is in fact realistic with the tools and training DISC Reports offers. If not, he’ll point you in the right direction.

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Step 3: Select

DISC Expert Dr. Rozell helps you choose the right reports for your company’s needs and guides you through the easy online ordering system.

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Step 4: Quick Start Tips

Meet your Personal DISC Coach and get started on the fast track right away. Your advisor will answer any last minute questions and will introduce you to the client-only DISC E-Learning Center for tips, resources and a video tutorial by Dr. Drew Rozell on how to best use DISC in the workplace.

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Step 5: Participate

Take your DISC reports and discuss your results with your colleague, workplace mentor or supervisor. Access the DISC E-Learning Center for FREE additional support.

Step 6: Evaluate

After taking the reports, your Personal Coach will check-in with you to see if you have any questions what-so-ever. If you desire additional support or training for your specific business situations, Dr. Drew Rozell will be available as needed.

Step 7: Living Into the DISC Insights

At DISC Reports.com we believe in getting a return on our investments, and we intend the same for you. We’ve created a quarterly newsletter for clients to keep DISC Insights fresh and in front of mind. This and combined with our three levels of training, including resources in our FREE DISC E-Learning Center, will support you in keeping the DISC teachings alive in your workplace communications.