Drew Rozell, Ph.D.

Drew Rozell, Ph.D., creator of DISC Reports.com, is a High I and High D

How I Got into DISC

Dr. Drew Rozell here to tell you a bit about how DISC Reports.com came into being…

I was introduced to DISC profiles nearly a decade ago as I was beginning my executive coaching practice. I was working with my own coach and he suggested I complete the pencil and paper DISC profile and Personal Interests, Attitudes & Values report so he could better understand who I am and what is important to me.

My DISC Results

Trained for years as a psychologist, the DISC profile allowed me to see a whole new perspective on myself. Upon receiving the results (I’m an off-the-charts “I”), I was immediately impressed with how this simple-to-understand DISC profile captured my strengths, provided clear guidance as to how I could improve, and allowed me to realize how others see me. An eye-opening experience, to say the least!
I immediately began applying this information to start working smarter and base my efforts around where I was naturally driven. As a result, my business grew and I enjoyed my work even more. Quite simply, the DISC report was more powerful than any of the dozens of assessments I had come into contact with in my experiences as a psychologist.

The DISC model was so easy to understand that I could also easily identify the personal styles of others and adapt my communication to better understand and relate to anyone. As anyone in business knows, this is an invaluable skill. After all, all business is based on relationships. The better the relationship, the better the business.

DISC Consulting

After using DISC profiles with all my executive coaching clients and corporate teams, I was so blown away by their feedback and the results we got from using the instruments that I was inspired to share these powerful tools with as many folks that I could.

I researched all of the available DISC companies and as a trained Social Psychologist I believe I made the right choice with offering TTI’s reports (considered the original reports based on DISC Founder Dr. Marston’s work and most extensively validated).

I believe in the value derived form these reports so much that I made the decision to investment of my time and money to bring you all of these reports to you and your business. What’s more, whereas the process used to involve lots grading and shuffling of paper, I’ve arranged for the whole process to be completely automated. Now you can take the DISC online and have the results immediately e-mailed to you (or to whomever you wish to receive the results).

DISC Reports.com Today

Today, we’ve evolved into a one-stop-solution for businesses (from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses) across the world who recognize the value of investing in DISC to increase their bottom line. DISC Reports.com offers all the DISC reports, immediately online, with competitive pricing, and the finest customer service.

What’s more, if you have questions, you can call me directly (I answer my own phone), so you always have a resident expert at your disposal. I do many talks, trainings, and coaching gigs each year. Let me know how I can help you.

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