Why Choose Us?

I pride myself in my service, knowledge, and experience with DISC. At DISC Reports.com we are not in the commodity business of simply selling assessments — we are in the relationship business and take great pride in serving our clients well.

I look forward to creating a relationship with you and fulfilling all your assessment, coaching, and training needs.

But just in case you need a few more reasons (and something to print out for your supervisor), and you believe there might be fit between your needs and what we can provide for you, here’s a handy list of what makes the DISC Reports.com products and services unique.

Our Competitive Edge:

1. We are qualified.
Dr. Drew Rozell, founder and director of DISC Reports.com is holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology and is the author of one of the most highly cited research studies on team-building.

2. We take time to educate you.
We understand that in order for you to make the best decision for your company’s need, you’ll need to get informed. There are many DISC products out there, and they are not all created equally. We believe if you have the right information, chances are, you’ll choose us. And that is why we created the DISC Education Center – to shorten your learning curve, get the facts and make a decision. And just in case you’re in a hurry, you can call us directly and we’ll help you figure out what is the best report for your company’s situation. Don’t forget to check out the DISC Education center here.

3. We only offer top quality reports.
Our TTI reports and the DISC Reports.com SystemTM is based on scientifically researched, validated and published information. In addition, as an expert in human behavior, I’ve done my own research and have found that we offer the best quality reports for the best quality results.

4. We are real people.
As you’ve probably figured out by now, there are real human beings behind DISC Reports.com. We handle all of your questions personally and won’t leave you hanging once you’ve purchased a report from us. In fact, I invite you to call me, Dr. Drew Rozell, right now, to discuss your company’s needs and to discuss possible solutions. I’m here Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm EST and looking forward to connecting with you.

5. We offer FREE DISC training and continuing education.
Every client of DISC Reports.com gains immediate access to a free, members-only, online DISC Training. You’ll also have a personal DISC coach to make sure you get your questions answered at no charge and understand how to use the E-learning Center. Your advisor can schedule time with our resident Social Psychologist, Dr. Drew Rozell, should you need additional training and support.

6. We offer customized corporate DISC Training.
Training is our speciality. In addition to our Free DISC Education Center and Client-Only E-Learning Community, we offer high-level telephone and in-person training for a variety of business situations. Please visit our Training page for details.

7. We demystify how DISC works.
We created the DISC Report SystemTM to help clarify and demystify what happens every step of the way of working with us. No mysteries, no worries. You can feel confident once you become a DISC Reports.com client that you will be well taken care of. Our system is set up to make sure you get results from your DISC Reports and Training.

8. We offer personalized reports
For DISC Reports.com clients who want to brand their own reports for their own client or employee use, we offer personalized reports and distributor sponsorship.

9. We offer reports in different languages.
Many of the DISC Reports.com products are available in multiple languages. This is especially useful for international companies with employees or agents in different countries.

10. Our reports offer targeted solutions for business.
From human resource issues, time management, sales training, to managing, communication and team building challenges, we have a DISC report that specifically addresses these concerns. Call us today and let us help you figure out your next step.

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